I’ve been on Pinterest again!  In my wanderings, I stumbled upon this YouTube video and I have to say that this technique is awesome!

It is a super easy, super perfect way to adhere a decorative napkin to paper or card stock using plastic wrap.

I have a few packages of beautiful paper napkins I purchased for making cards but I’ve never followed through with doing so.  Once I saw this video, I immediately had to give it a try.  I had plastic wrap and one of my favorite craft room tools, my dry iron that I purchased at a garage sale for $1 way back when I was a Girl Scout leader.  I highly recommend a dedicated iron for crafting so you don’t mess up the one you use for clothing or inadvertently transfer something you didn’t want to one of your garments.  If you can find one, a dry iron is a bonus because it has a flat heat plate without any holes which makes it easier to clean once you’ve completed a project.

I put my iron on the highest setting possible and followed the directions exactly as provided in the video.  It worked like a charm.


Like it says on the video, it is adhered securely without wrinkles.  You can trim it without the napkin snagging.  I did have some minor snags in mine because I made the mistake of using a blade that wasn’t the sharpest.  I decided to distress the edges to cover for it.  I added sparkly ribbon and some premade paper flowers with bling to put together a quick card.


I really love this technique.  It is so quick, easy, and inexpensive.  No special equipment or supplies needed.  I can’t wait to make more napkin cards!

UPDATE 7/26/2015:

Make sure that you have peeled away all the bottom layers from the napkin and are only working with the very top layer.  I found out the hard way when working with a 3 ply napkin.  I had peeled away one layer and thought I was working with the top layer.  When I attempted to adhere it to my card stock, the top layer peeled away to reveal there had been another layer I hadn’t noticed!

I also tried this technique for adhering sewing patterns to card stock.  It worked perfectly!



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