Since I was a teenager, I have had a metal allergy and have been pretty limited to what jewelry I could wear.  It basically came down to gold and stainless steel.  For several years, I purchased my earrings from Simply Whispers, a mail order company that specializes in hypoallergenic, nickel free jewelry.  They are a great company with an outstanding guarantee.  If you are interested, they can be found at  I highly recommend them.

They were the first company I found that had hypoallergenic findings so that I could make or convert cheaper earrings to something I could wear without breaking out.  Unfortunately, it was still a somewhat expensive endeavor, so I ordered one set of wires and French hooks in gold and silver and would change out the bottoms of the earrings.  After a while, I got lazy and tired of always having to make changes.  I tended to go back to the same pairs of earrings and ignored my collection of bottoms.

A couple months ago, while reorganizing my dresser drawers, I rediscovered my stash.  Since the days of using the same hooks and wires, a lot has changed in the craft world.  Jewelry findings, including hypoallergenic versions are readily available and are also very inexpensive.  I set to work providing each of my sets with their own dedicated permanent French hooks.



I also discovered that the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby offers some inexpensive options for making new fun earrings.


These four new pairs of earrings cost me less than it would to purchase a single pair anywhere else!

I now make it a point to check the jewelry offerings in the clearance aisle whenever I shop at Hobby Lobby.


My latest pair of earrings cost me less than $3.00!


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