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Fall Fun

I saw these cute fall pumpkins made from wine corks and knew at once I needed to add a couple to my fall décor.  They have actually been a couple of weeks in the making as in the process I learned that corks will not absorb pigment ink.


// ends of the corks are stained with dye ink. I had originally tried pigment ink as I had wanted more vivid color, but after a week, it still wasn’t dry and rubbed right off. So after working to rub off all the ink I had applied the week before, I then had to reapply the color using the dye ink. Much better results! I free handed the leaf pattern and then cut leaves from felt. The twine is wrapped around the stem three times and then tied in the middle.


They are just perfect on the shelf with some of my favorite wine bottles!

September Scrapbooking

Here are some of the pages I completed in September.  Most were for my son’s albums as I want to have them available at his graduation party for his guests to enjoy.  Here they are for you to enjoy!


This is from 2006 when my son decided to draw a picture of one of our dogs on his white board. It was an amazing likeness right down to the pink eye.



The photos on these two pages were taken the same day. The first shows my son’s excitement at getting his own laptop computer. And then later that day you can seen that he thoroughly enjoyed himself to the point that he fell asleep while gaming.


I love the bright colors in the photos and they work so well with the orange and green papers I selected for them.


This double page layout captures the entertainment we had at my daughter’s high school graduation party. Of course my son got to enjoy the event too!


My son’s first trip to an anime convention. His sister was friends with the DJ and she worked a little magic so that he was able to DJ himself.


Getting his varsity jacket was a big deal. Of course we had to scrapbook it.


Vestis virum reddit! Clothes make the man! Following in family tradition, my son took Latin as his foreign language. Here he is pictured in the toga I made for him for the regional Latin convention.


And finally, this last one is of my daughter. This portrait is so lovely, I felt that it could stand all by itself. The only embellishment is the stenciled rose that I made from an enlargement of a piece of clip art I found on the internet. I printed it out and used it as a pattern for creating the rose.

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