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Mom’s Projects

Or rather projects my Mom had for me!  I guess Moms never run out of chores for their kids.

We went shopping and she picked out two pretty fabrics for what we needed to accomplish.



Project #1 – Recover Chair Seats

Both chairs had seats that had seen better days. Seats are actually pretty easy to cover. Usually there are some hidden, or if you are lucky, not so hidden screws holding the seats in place. Once you find those and remove them, the seats become flat boards that are easy to recover. The trick is to pull the fabric tight and staple or nail the new fabric down. I’ve found I’ve grown quite fond of my staple gun for this type of project.  Once the fabric is in place, simply reattach the seats to the chair frames.





Project #2 – Kitchen Cupboard Curtain

My Mom lives in a senior community and some of the apartments have special amenities to accommodate wheelchairs. Hers is one of those. Instead of having bottom cupboards where her sink is, that area was left open. She wanted an inexpensive way to hide the storage. We decided that a curtain would do the trick. The gathering for the curtain required that we have 2-3 times the length of opening we were trying to cover.  Picking out the fabric and sewing the curtain was the easy part. The hard part was making it stay. We started out with a long tension rod, but the weight of the curtain made it bow and also made it very difficult to keep it up. The next thing we tried was a shower curtain rod, but unfortunately it would not extend far enough. As they say, third time’s a charm! Velcro! I attached one side of the Velcro with hot glue to the back side of the wood strip extending across the opening. The other side was sewn to the top of the curtain which had been gathered. Perfect!





These are some quick and easy projects that can make huge differences.  Email me if you have questions or would like more detail.

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