Glass Projects

For some time, I had been wanting to make a set of “Redneck Wine Glasses”.  I had collected the mason jars and after searching thrift shops, finally found the glass candlesticks I also needed.

All I need next was to find the right adhesive.  I wanted something easy to use that would dry clear.  It also needed to be water resistant.


I found Loctite’s Go2 Glue at my local Michael’s store. It was just the thing. It was less than $10 plus I had a 40% off coupon. It worked exactly like the instructions indicated, curing in 24 hours. Since completing my original projects, I have found this glue to come in handy for other repairs. One of the best features is the container that has not clogged or glued itself shut while in storage in between projects.


My wine glasses came out perfectly! I was so pleased with the results. Even though my hubby thinks they are silly and refuses to use them, they are still a lot of fun. I don’t have an issue with using them!


I made a second set for my daughter and her boyfriend, complete with wine glass charms. I used wine charm hoops and lettered beads I had on hand to make the personalized charms.


My last project was a pedestal I created for holding bottles on my bathroom sink. I had been looking for a cake plate or dessert server without any success at the thrift shops. When I found this glass serving plate I went to plan B.


I found a coordinating candle holder that I was able to attach to the bottom of the serving plate.


It turned out exactly like what I had envisioned. And no complaints from my hubby on this one!


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