Calendar Page Envelopes


A while back, my daughter, the naturalist, brought me an envelope she had made with a class of her students.  They had made them from colorful calendar pages.  It was a craft that not only exposed them to some beautiful wildlife photography, but also reinforced recycling and repurposing concepts.


Inspired by her and having inherited an extra calendar with some beautiful flower photos, I decided to give envelope making a try.

I didn’t have a template so a quick Google search provided me with any number of choices.


I selected this one from When I first printed it, the output was a bit too small to accommodate a 5-1/2 inch by 4-1/4 inch card. I created a Word document in which I set all the margins to 0 inches and then inserted the file. I had to do some resizing to get it just right. Because of the margin settings, when printing, Word does warn that objects are outside the printable area. This warning can simply be ignored as there is enough empty space around the outside of the template. The next step was to cut it out and then trace it on each of the calendar pages. I chose to trace the template on the calendar side of the page rather than on the photo so that if there were any stray tracing lines, they would be hidden on the inside of the finished envelope. From there it was just a matter of a bit of cutting, folding, and gluing.


In no time at all I had a dozen beautiful envelopes! I can’t wait to use them!


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