Home Sweet Home


My daughter has a new apartment! It’s an adorable little two bedroom place with a yard. Maddie, my granddog, is at the door to say, “Hello!”

We had planned a “Girls’ Weekend” long before she found her new apartment and decided to move. As it turned out, amongst our shopping, restaurant sampling, and playtime, we managed to move all her furniture and things to her new place.

Her apartment is bright and cheery and full of windows. When she opens the door she hears birds and other nature sounds. She loves it. She’s still got lots of unpacking to do, but I stayed on an extra day to help her with a few quick projects.


Amidst the chaos of the move, I managed to create a small workspace on top of her dryer. The container of spackling on the left of the photo became one of my favorite tools to hold fabric in place while measuring and cutting. We set up her sewing machine in the other room on her desk.


The alcove where the water heater is, as well as the shelving for her linen closet, are without doors. There had been an attempt to hide the water heater with a garish geometric print shower curtain that had been tacked into place. She selected a much more elegant curtain to go with her décor and we hung each panel in place with tension rods. The linen closet required a quick turn up of the hem so that it would clear the floor, but within minutes she had a beautiful result.


Next it was the curtain for the back door. This curtain was repurposed from the one she had purchased for her room in Georgia. She had used it on the back door of her previous apartment, but had never shortened it. I set to work measuring, cutting, and hemming it to the proper length. What a huge improvement!


The curtain for her bathroom window was probably the most critical. The window is inside the shower and while covered with a blind, there is no way to avoid water getting on the blinds and pooling on the window sill when showering. There was no doubt that this would become a constant nightmare to keep clean. Way back when, I remember my Mom had been able to purchase a plastic curtain for the window in our shower, but times have changed and there were none like that to be found. We opted to purchase a white fabric shower curtain liner that I cut off from the top and created the rod pocket and header. Working with the liner was great because three sides were already finished. All I had to worry about was the top.


The final project for this visit was the valance for her kitchen window. Having not found a premade kitchen curtain or window treatment that she liked, we began to consider alternatives. We happened upon a pretty floral table cloth with a number of colors that would work well with her kitchen plans. Plus she loved it. A little bit of measuring, cutting, and sewing and we had an adorable window treatment. Again, working from something that was premade, most of my work was done because three of the sides were already finished. All I had to do was sew the rod pocket and header.


There was enough fabric left over to quickly create a table cloth for her twist top table. Having run out of time, I brought the rest home with me to maybe create some placements, napkins, or other coordinating accessories.

There are still the living room window and two bedrooms with two windows each to go. She decided to use the window treatments from her old apartment in the living room for now and until she decides on the décor for the bedrooms the blinds will suffice. She also wants to refinish her end tables and a couple other furniture pieces. And then there are some small platforms we need to put together for on top of her kitchen cabinets so that she can display her teapot and teacup collection. I feel another “Girls’ Weekend” coming on and I cannot wait!


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