Moonlight Stroll

When my daughter and I planned our “Girls’ Weekend”, we decided we wanted to take at least one day for a road trip to explore some place new.  Clarksville, Tennessee was our destination.

When I found an art studio that offered painting classes I was thrilled.  This was something I’d been wanting to do for quite some time.  A number of my friends had already done classes like this, but I myself had not had the opportunity.  I was even more thrilled that my daughter was totally up for it.

Swirls Art Studio had classes on both Friday and Saturday nights of our weekend.  My daughter loved the Moonlight Stroll painting that was offered on Saturday.  It was a couples class where each person paints their own side of a two part painting.  Her only concern was what we were going to do about each of us only having one half of the painting.  For me it was about the experience and spending time with her so I told her that my half of the painting would be my housewarming present to her for her new apartment.


We arrived at the studio and collected our canvases and paints. Neither one of us had done a painting before so the virtually empty canvases were a bit intimidating.


Our instructor guided us through the process of painting the background and soon our painting began to take shape.


Before long we were mixing new shades and adding more colors. Although we were supposed to be painting our own sides, we chose to cross over to each other’s sides so that our individual techniques blended and the painting as a whole would have a more cohesive look.


My daughter added the lights on the left while I worked on the trees to the right. I was happy to allow her to do the detailed final touches. Just look at that concentration!


Voila! It was finished. Not bad at all for a couple of amateurs. (Actually we are pretty proud of ourselves!)



What fun we had and what an amazing experience. We both cannot wait to do it again.


Our painting is displayed proudly in her new apartment where she can look at it every day and be reminded of our very special weekend. There’s nothing quite like making memories with someone you love.


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