Pocket Page


I am still working my way through my 2003 photos. In amongst my Disney ephemera from our trip that year, I found the brochures to the parks we visited. Each one had my son’s address labels on them, evidence that they were taken to preschool for Show and Tell. Obviously they were very important to him at that time. They were also nice reminders of how the resort looked in 2003.

At first I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. I usually keep several copies and cut them apart to make collage pages. Since these were the only copies I had, I wanted a way to leave them intact.

I made the pocket by cutting a 5 inch strip of 12 by 12 card stock and attaching it on the bottom and the sides.  I embellished it with coordinating paper, ribbon, and stickers in Mickey Mouse colors.  Incidently, I wrapped the ribbon around the pocket before attaching it to the base so that there were no rough edges to unravel.  Our room key finalized the pocket.  I placed the brochures in the pocket, fanned out in an attractive arrangement.

The page will go inside a top loading sheet protector which will provide relatively easy access to the brochures for later review.  Super easy.  Super simple.  And a perfect solution!


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