Scrapbooking in Tandem

With two kids sometimes involved in the same events, scrapbooking is easy. I can just do the same layout with the same photos twice. There are also times where the photos may differ as I personalize what I print for each child, but the layouts remain virtually the same.

Other times it takes a bit more creativity.

During our Disney visit in 2003, we enjoyed breakfast at Chef Mickey’s complete with all the fanfare and had portraits made.  The problem was that we only had one set.  This activity was a pretty big deal for both kids, so I wanted to include the portraits in both of their scrapbooks.

I disassembled the portrait folder, scanned, and printed copies.  The originals with the original folder mats went on my daughter’s pages as it was really her trip.  Her middle school dance team was performing and UDA Nationals at Disney.



I matted the copies using card stock in similar colors to the originals for my son.  I carefully trimmed the artwork from the cover of the original folder and used it as embellishments on his pages.

Matted copies of our own photographs completed the pages.

Similar, yet different, and a very workable solution for only having one set of portraits!



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