Pixel Art

When my daughter was a freshman in high school, she and one of her friends would spend hours creating pixel art.  I had forgotten all about this until last week when she asked me if I still had some of the files on my computer.  As keeper of the archives, of course I did!

I had forgotten how detailed and intricate these little pieces of digital art were.


She even made one of me!


My favorites were the ones she made of each one of her dance costumes that year.



Although the images are small, they work well for online avatars. I even printed the dance costume ones out to use as small embellishments on her dance scrapbook pages. They were a fun and perfect final touch to her photos.

It’s not difficult to get started. A simple Google search for “pixel art dolls” will bring a myriad of resources to your finger tips.

I wonder if I could convince her to create all the rest of her costumes from the other 6 years she did of competitive dance?


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