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A few years ago, before the adult coloring book craze hit, I purchased this beautiful stamp at Stampaway.


It certainly is timely!

Not only am I able to color in style, when I am finished, I can turn my creations into beautiful cards.  The combinations of color choices make for a different look each time with endless possiblities of unique designs.


My sample cards were created with embossing powder and Twinkling H2Os.  Alcohol markers, watercolor markers and colored pencils offer other options.

I like to stamp up a number of images and have them available to color while watching television, waiting on hold on telephone calls, or other down times.


The Graphics Fairy

I stumbled upon this website a month or so ago.  I’m really not sure how.  It may have been a Facebook post or it may have been a Google search for an image.  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that I found it.

There are TONS of ideas, tips, techniques, and projects.  On top of that, not only do they sell libraries of fabulous vintage images, they offer beautiful, high quality, vintage images for free download.  You can sign up for their “Friday Freebie Email” to be notified when new images are available.

This site is just too good not to share!

I’ve found it to be a TREMENDOUS source for images that will enhance my family history and genealogy scrapbooks.  I also love to create cards with vintage images and there are so many perfect images available.  And all for free!
The Graphics Fairy Logo

Check it out and enjoy!

Star Album



I learned to make this star album at my friend Betsy’s Close To My Heart workshop. The original album was done in CTMH’s beautiful papers and embellishments. That one went to my daughter with pictures of her and her boyfriend. It was a Christmas present and I forgot to take photos of the finished album before I wrapped it. (Maybe one of these days she’ll take photos for me? Hint, hint, Girlie Girl!)

I wanted to make one for my son that would be a culmination of his four years in high school marching band. Betsy had her pattern down to a science, with all the frames and tabs set up on her Cricut. She cut what I needed out of papers I selected in school colors.

Betsy’s blog can be found at, and while I searched her site, I did not find a post for this project. A google search on “star album” provides a number of variations if you’d like to try one yourself. They make for wonderful gifts. I did a second marching band album for my son’s band director as an end of the season present for him.

Here is my son’s album:







There are room for twelve photos in this album which worked out perfectly for the four years of marching band. I included a portrait, an action shot, and a silly group photo for each year. The embellishments were from clip art that I printed in color.



This was my inspiration — a post that came up on my Facebook feed. We had just been joking about unnecessary meetings at work so it was perfect. I saved the file and shared it with my boss the next day. He thought it was fabulous, so I decided to recreate it as bookmarks.


Rather than reinvent the wheel, I did a Google search for free bookmark templates. There were all sorts of choices. I selected one that printed 5 bookmarks across a landscape page.


This template can be downloaded for free at

I then did a search for some cute meeting graphics as well as recreated the envelope coffee cup graphic using Microsoft Paint.

Envelope Cup

(If you would like to download this image, right-click on it and choose “Save image as…”)

With just a bit of editing, my bookmarks were ready for print.  I printed them in color and trimmed them to 6-1/4″ by 1-3/4″.  The bases of the bookmarks were cut in coordinating colors to 7-3/4″ by 2-1/4″.  I notched the top corners, but they could be left square or rounded.  A small hole punch and a bit of fringy crochet yarn finished them off.

Utilizing the color printer, rather than stamping, made putting these together practically effortless.  I’m planning to make up some more bookmarks with school colors and logos for craft shows in the fall.

I’m Ready for Garage Sale Season

It’s April and spring is here!  Well at least it is supposed to be here.  I’ve started watching the paper again for garage sales.  I credit my great aunt for introducing me to them when I was a kid.  My husband’s Mom was an avid garage saler, always on the search for treasures she could turn into cash on eBay.  I guess you could say it runs in the family.  I’m blessed as my husband enjoys them as much as I do.  Garage saling is definitely one of our favorite Saturday morning activities.

Over the years, I’ve decorated my house, clothed my children, and supplied my Girl Scout Troop with my finds.  My interests and hobbies have changed, but garage sales still serve to provide me with treasures.  These days I find myself searching for wine themed decor, genealogy related materials, vintage items, and of course, craft supplies.

One of the best things about garage sales (and thrift shops) is that you never know what you’re going to find.  Some days it is a bust.  But other days, oh my!

I recently ran across a number of photos from successful hunts at garage sales past.












From books to organizational tools, from supplies to rubber stamps, you name it, it’s out there.  And at a fraction of the cost of new.  I don’t always end up loving each purchase.  Sometimes an item doesn’t work out as I’ve imagined.  The prices make it very affordable to pass things on to friends, donate them to charity, or even recycle in a garage sale of my own.

Which, by the way, I’ve been sorting through my craft room.  Stay tuned for my upcoming crafty garage sale!

March Scrapbook Pages

My project to complete as many of my son’s scrapbook pages as possible before his high school graduation marches on! (Pun intended.)  I also worked on some of my daughter’s as well.

Here are the pages I’ve finished this month.


This one is by far my favorite. Last October, we happened upon an antique trombone while at a antique show. We got it for a steal, and as you can see, my son was THRILLED with his new baby.






I am still working my way through the Disney Trip we took in 2003 when my daughter’s dance team participated in UDA Naitonals.  If some of these pages look familiar, it is because I had already posted the ones I completed for my son’s album.  These are the ones for my daughter’s.


He would probably kill me for posting these pages so it’s probably a good thing that my son doesn’t read my blog. To say potty training with him was a challenge, is an understatement. Hence the photographs. Sorry son, this IS a part of your history!


I had one last school photo to finish. I have his first name arched over the top of the portrait, but in this photo I have masked it out for privacy reasons.





I also ran across a series of my daughter’s school pictures.  Again, I have masked the names on these pages for privacy reasons.  On the last page, her name does appear across the top of the page in matching red font.  It is always so much fun to position photos like these side by side to see the changes.  My son, now a teenager who doesn’t always take notice of my crafting much any more, even commented about the transformation.

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