A very nearby lightning strike took out our modem yesterday.  I was at work and my son had taken a break from gaming when it happened.  When he returned to his computer, he no longer had an internet connection.

He called me at work and I directed him to the information he needed to call our ISP.  They verified there was no outage and then walked him through some preliminary trouble-shooting without any success in restoring the connection.  The final verdict?  The modem was showing as offline.

When I arrived home, I found him in the living room watching a DVD and crafting!  He had received these adorable Mario & Luigi Paper Jam paper craft models at a recent anime convention he attended.

A quick assessment of the modem showed that only the power light would come on and that I was unable to connect to it through our network.  My son confirmed that while he was away from his computer there had been some tremendous thunder and he had heard a crack that felt like it was very close to our house.  Later in the evening we learned that our neighbor’s house had suffered considerably more damage than just a blown modem.  So yes indeed, lightning had struck very nearby.

My son had assembled the first model and actually took the second one with him as he accompanied me on the trip to Office Depot to replace the modem.  My daughter’s boyfriend directed us to the model we needed and I had it installed and activated in no time.  Our internet was back up!

I shared this joyous news with my gamer son, who continued to assemble the rest of his models.  I guess once the craft bug bites, it’s hard to fight it.

These little guys are adorable!  I took a picture of them so I could blog about them.  I soon found out that my son had done the same thing and posted his picture to Facebook.  The caption?  “What happens when I don’t have internet.”

It was fun to have him back crafting.  Even for just a little bit.

You can assemble your own Mario & Luigi Paper Jam models too!  Download the full color PDF document at http://marioandluigipaperjam.nintendo.com/downloads/.  There is also a download for a Mario paper airplane and a Mario throwing star at this same address.


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