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Wine & Canvas

“So do them!” was all the encouragement I needed from my daughter to sign up for another painting class.  I’d fallen in love with the yellow poppies in the sample painting.  Yellow is my favorite color and I have always loved flower pictures.  When I was little I used to cut flower pictures out of magazines and catalogs for my bulletin board.


It turned out that the class was held on Wine Down Wednesday with 1/2 price bottles of wine.  Bonus!  The Motto Cabernet Sauvignon was quite tasty.


We started out by roughing out the edges of the flowers using a second paint brush for measurements.


Step two was to rough in the outlines for the flower centers.


Next it was on to mixing colors and bringing definition to the flowers.  Who knew yellow flowers really had so many colors and shades in them?


Since I was flying solo, the staff graciously offered to take my picture with my almost finished art work.  (Just in case you are wondering, I wasn’t drunk, I was simply having a lot of fun.)


Here is my masterpiece after some finishing touches!

Yes, I am hooked.  I really love this new found form a creative expression!

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