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Photo Magnets

Who with a crafty idea can resist a bargain?  I surely couldn’t when I found several boxes of canning jar leads in the clearance basket at the grocery store.

I just knew they would make fantastic personalized magnets using photos of some of my favorite people.


I printed out photos and cut them into circles that would fit inside the beveled edge of the lids.  Then I glued them onto the tops of the lids.


On the back, I applied adhesive flat magnets, cut to size.

Voila!  Refrigerator artwork!


I bought up all the boxes they had on clearance as these magnets make really fun inexpensive gifts.  They could even be decorated with artwork to keep with the theme of your kitchen decor.

My next plan is to use them to create a holiday family history wreath featuring vintage family photos.  I know it’s only June, but knowing me, I better get started!


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