Among the things I am collecting, are vintage watches.  I am always keeping my eye open for them and usually they can be found for $1 or $2 a piece at a number of places at thrift shops, flea markets, and garage sales.  Look for bargains because it really doesn’t matter that the watch no longer works.

As much as I’d love to claim this idea as my own, I believe it was originally a Pinterest post where I found this clever idea to turn the old watches into mini photo frames to be worn as jewelry.

I carefully take the watches apart and clean and measure the crystals.

Using the measurements, I reduce the size of some of my favorite vintage family photos and print them out in using my color printer and matte photo paper.  While the photos are actually black and white, I’ve found I like the results better if I print them as color photos.  There is just a better depth and richness that can be achieved.

Once the photos are printed and trimmed, I place them between the crystal and the old watch face and carefully reassemble the watch.

These have become some of my favorite jewelry pieces and are always great conversation starters when someone notices them.  They make wonderful personalized gifts as well.  My Mom was thrilled with the small gold one which I made especially for her for Mother’s Day.


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