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My Winey Kitchen

I love Mary Engelbreit.  That being said, for a number of years, I have enjoyed her bright colorful wall paper border in my kitchen.  But, as my kitchen has transitioned to more of a wine theme, it just wasn’t working for me anymore.


Not yet wanting to repaint the walls, I searched for another border that might work.  Part of my soffit is narrower than what is pictured above so that presented a challenge.  If I found a border I liked in the right colors, I kept running into the situation where it had been discontinued and I could not purchase the amount I needed.  Or that it was too wide to fit on the narrower parts of the soffit.

So I brainstormed.  Finally it came to me.  Why not do something creative with wine quotes?  Together my husband and I selected two of our favorites.  And then I went shopping.


As luck would have it, wooden letters were on sale that day.  I spent hours determining what letters I needed to create a very random look.  Just when I was finished, I found even more letters in the clearance aisle.  That meant additional time and revamping my design.  But eventually I made it to the checkout before the store closed.


At home I was able to lay them all out to make sure I hadn’t missed any letters.


The next step was painting them all black.  I used Rust-oleum High Perfomance Enamel in gloss black.  Since I did not prime them, it took two coats, but I suspect it would have taken two coats regardless.

Once they were dry, I rolled out some newsprint paper measured the same distance as the soffits where they were to be placed and created a template for spacing the letters.

IMG_0679 (2)

IMG_0675 (2)

Here’s the finished project!  I am so pleased with how it turned out.  These are the two main soffits in the room.  For now those narrow ones remain as a blank canvas.  I thought they would look really empty, but they do not.  I am planning something a little different for those areas so they don’t take away from those main quotes.  I am hoping to find some rustic looking wooden signs with the names of some of our favorite wines on them.  But if not, I’ll just have to make them!

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