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Paper Packs


This was an idea I saw on a Kiwi Lane video.

With my huge paper stash, I thought I would give it a try.

As advised, I sorted my papers into piles by colors. Then I started building my paper packs. I got quite a number of them put together. Some came together quite easily, other required more thought.

Because my immediate need was to scrapbook my son’s band photos, I concentrated on building packs in his school colors for marching band and more neutral colors for concert band.

This seemed like the perfect plan to have everything ready to go when I went to friends’ houses to scrapbook with them.

It sort of worked for me.

I’ve found that I didn’t always use all the papers in the packs. I’ve also discovered, sometimes my layouts require reworking the papers that were chosen in the packs so I end up “cannibalizing” two or more packs to get the look I really want.

While this didn’t work out as a perfect plan for me in my scrapbooking, it did help me get groups of coordinating paper for a themed project all together in one place. That made the selection process much easier.

I haven’t given up. I plan to continue making use of the other paper packs that I have already put together. But for now, I am not building more packs just yet. I still like this idea as I do like sets of coordinating papers. I just think I may need to do this on a larger scale to give myself even more flexibility when it comes down to actually creating my pages.

Narwhals, Narwhals, Swimming in the Ocean


A few years ago, everyone was playing The Narwhal Song.  It was one of those songs that would just get stuck in your head.

Listen if you dare.

You’re welcome!

One of my daughter’s college friends delighted in torturing me with it any chance he got. So when I found this ridiculously sequined embellishment in the clearance aisle, I knew it would make the perfect birthday card for him.  I changed the wording of the song for the inside of the card, “Singing Happy Birthday because you are so awesome!”

Then I happened to run across Shark Bites fruit snacks in the grocery and I knew I had to take it a step further.

April 20, 2011

April 20, 2011 (2)

I scanned the front and back of the box and then got busy with photo editing software.



I masked over the “Shark” portion of the title.

Narwhal  Word Only

Then I used Print Shop Pro to create the new “Narwhal” title matching it as best I could to the existing curve and remaining logo.



The final step was to print out the new pictures and attach them to the front and back of the original box.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was close enough.  Both my card and gift were a definite hit and brought lot of laughs.

Cat Toys


Strangely enough, this idea came from a dog training classes for our latest rescue baby.  We had been working on training the dogs to ignore distractions and used some similar cat toys.  They were so much fun, I just knew my feline granddaughter would love them.

I already had everything I needed to make some at home – feathers, dowel rods, and tape.  I chose to use electrical tape as it was sturdy and flexible.  I wrapped the tape around the ends of the dowel rods adding feathers as I went and finishing with an additional length of tape.

As expected, they were a hit!  Little Miss Meggie’s delight was difficult to capture on camera, so my daughter posed her with her new toy.


She looks like she thinking, “Ok Momma, enough of this photo nonsense.  Let’s play some more!”

Failure and Success

We all love Pinterest. But sometimes things don’t work out.


Such was what happened when I attempted to dry fresh strawberries in the oven. It was taking forever. The recipe I found said three hours. After six, I still had a mushy mess. My solution? Slowly increase the heat. Mistake! Big, big mistake! As you can see, I was left with a nasty charred mess. I soaked it for two days. That didn’t help. I was not looking forward to the time and effort it would take to clean my scorched cookie sheet. For a moment I considered just throwing it away and buying a new one. What to do? Go back to Pinterest of course!


One of the home remedies called for a mixture of baking soda and peroxide, both of which I had on hand. I mixed up a paste and spread it on the cookie sheet and left it to work its magic.

While it wasn’t completely scrub free, with some light scouring every bit of the scorching came off relatively easily!


There were some differences in coloring to my aluminum pan, but it was clean.

I’ve since found another recipe for dried strawberries using parchment paper, different methods, and a longer cooking time. Now that I’m armed with my new cleaner, I might just have to try again!

More Found Pages

Once again, I’ve run across photos of some of my scrapbooking pages and layouts that I never posted.



These two were from my very first scrapbook that I had been creating as a sample.  At the time I had no intentions of becoming a scrapbooker.  This album was a combination of my first two Savannah trips as well as a tribute to the book, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”.  My love of Savannah continues to this day.  The titles were printed from my computer and the small flowers were accented with tiny jewels in the center.


I found this fantastic scrapbooking paper at an outlet center in Georgia.  It was just the thing to coordinate with my daughter’s “Southern Belle” portraits.


Snickerdoodle, our Shih Tzu, is probably the most photographed dog on the planet.  He has so much personality and will actually pose for us.  The “Dog Days” title was a cut out from a magazine page and works so nicely in this layout of our expressive pooch.









These were a number of fun pages from when my son was little.  If he knew I was posting these, I would probably be in trouble.  It was always fun to create the colorful little boy pages.  Embellishments ranged from coordinating stamped images to artwork I found on the internet.  Song titles and lyrics made for great page titles.


This page was of a trip to the beach.  I typically avoid stickers, but these tropical letters were too hard to resist as were the seashells.


Embelishments for this layout came from the brochure from the Science Museum.





For me striped pages are always a challenge.  On the first two pages, so that I didn’t have to worry about perfect cuts and lining things up, I mounted the photos at angles.  In the second two, I used two coordinating papers and split the striped paper diagonally.



With these pages, I used stamped images to coordinate with the photos.


Once again, printed clip art was just the thing to embellish this page.


This crazy green paper was from that same scrapbooking outlet in Georgia.  It coordinated perfectly with my daughter’s bright green sweater.


This layout documents our shopping trip through Ikea when we redid my daughter’s room back in 2008.  Not my favorite layout, but she liked it and that was what was most important.


Baseball themed background paper was perfect for an outing to a baseball game.  My son actually got to throw out the first pitch!






Painting With A Twist


My daughter was in town and what better way to spend a Girls’ Night Out than painting?  When were were messaging online trying to find somewhere to go, it was the same painting that we both simultaneously messaged to each other,  “Ooooh, I like that one!”  And that was how we discovered Painting With A Twist.

With a number of locations, some within the same geographical area, we had lots of paintings to choose from.  This was her second class and my third.  We both agreed that our instructor was so enthusiastic and created such fun environment.  Class participants are allowed to bring in their own wine and snacks.  Aprons with whimsical artwork and fun party hats are provided.

Incidently, I was hard at work and concentrating intensely when my daughter insisted on snapping this selfie of the two of us.  She teased me, “Oh you’ve got that I’m-focused-why-are-you-interrupting-me face!”


The first step was to create the blue background.


Then we blended in some black to create depth.



Once the background was completed, we added grass.  Here we both are again, hard at work.


The fuzzy flowers and firefly lights were created with a new technique we learned using our fingers to soften the brush strokes.


My friend, Betsy, and her daughter, Alyssa, joined us for the evening and we created some wonderful masterpieces.  It was so much fun.  And I do have to say, we looked stunning in our colorful fedoras.


Here are our finished paintings.  My husband couldn’t tell who’s was who’s.  Just so you know, my daughters is the one at the top, and mine is the one at the bottom.

Printer Tray Project


With my Great Wall of Ancestors completed, my attention turned to the space above my newly refinished desk.  A few weeks earlier, I had rediscovered my 7 Gypsies Printers Tray.


A Christmas gift from my husband a few years earlier, I had put it aside until I could decide exactly what I wanted to do with it.  Then it got buried in my craft room and I had completely forgotten about it.  Upon rediscovering it, I knew it would be perfect above my desk.

The next challenge was figuring out how to decorate it.  Selecting the photos was easy as I had some recent ones of our family in mind.  With Microsoft Photo Gallery, I changed the color photos to sepia tones.  In keeping with the family history theme of the room, I sorted through the various quotes I had collected and searched the internet for more.  I used Microsoft Photo Gallery again, to convert the graphics I had downloaded to either sepia or aqua tones to coordinate with the color scheme of the room.  The addition of a few vintage looking graphics finished off the twelve different images I needed.  I found some coordinating scrapbook papers and used mats and foam tape to create some dimension.  Once everything was in place, I sorted through all the mixed media items I had collected, arranging and rearranging the three dimensional pieces to accent my images.  A bit of hot glue, and my project was finished.


Here it is, at last hung in place.   I am so happy with how it turned out!

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