Painting With A Twist


My daughter was in town and what better way to spend a Girls’ Night Out than painting?  When were were messaging online trying to find somewhere to go, it was the same painting that we both simultaneously messaged to each other,  “Ooooh, I like that one!”  And that was how we discovered Painting With A Twist.

With a number of locations, some within the same geographical area, we had lots of paintings to choose from.  This was her second class and my third.  We both agreed that our instructor was so enthusiastic and created such fun environment.  Class participants are allowed to bring in their own wine and snacks.  Aprons with whimsical artwork and fun party hats are provided.

Incidently, I was hard at work and concentrating intensely when my daughter insisted on snapping this selfie of the two of us.  She teased me, “Oh you’ve got that I’m-focused-why-are-you-interrupting-me face!”


The first step was to create the blue background.


Then we blended in some black to create depth.



Once the background was completed, we added grass.  Here we both are again, hard at work.


The fuzzy flowers and firefly lights were created with a new technique we learned using our fingers to soften the brush strokes.


My friend, Betsy, and her daughter, Alyssa, joined us for the evening and we created some wonderful masterpieces.  It was so much fun.  And I do have to say, we looked stunning in our colorful fedoras.


Here are our finished paintings.  My husband couldn’t tell who’s was who’s.  Just so you know, my daughters is the one at the top, and mine is the one at the bottom.


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