Failure and Success

We all love Pinterest. But sometimes things don’t work out.


Such was what happened when I attempted to dry fresh strawberries in the oven. It was taking forever. The recipe I found said three hours. After six, I still had a mushy mess. My solution? Slowly increase the heat. Mistake! Big, big mistake! As you can see, I was left with a nasty charred mess. I soaked it for two days. That didn’t help. I was not looking forward to the time and effort it would take to clean my scorched cookie sheet. For a moment I considered just throwing it away and buying a new one. What to do? Go back to Pinterest of course!


One of the home remedies called for a mixture of baking soda and peroxide, both of which I had on hand. I mixed up a paste and spread it on the cookie sheet and left it to work its magic.

While it wasn’t completely scrub free, with some light scouring every bit of the scorching came off relatively easily!


There were some differences in coloring to my aluminum pan, but it was clean.

I’ve since found another recipe for dried strawberries using parchment paper, different methods, and a longer cooking time. Now that I’m armed with my new cleaner, I might just have to try again!


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