Paper Packs


This was an idea I saw on a Kiwi Lane video.

With my huge paper stash, I thought I would give it a try.

As advised, I sorted my papers into piles by colors. Then I started building my paper packs. I got quite a number of them put together. Some came together quite easily, other required more thought.

Because my immediate need was to scrapbook my son’s band photos, I concentrated on building packs in his school colors for marching band and more neutral colors for concert band.

This seemed like the perfect plan to have everything ready to go when I went to friends’ houses to scrapbook with them.

It sort of worked for me.

I’ve found that I didn’t always use all the papers in the packs. I’ve also discovered, sometimes my layouts require reworking the papers that were chosen in the packs so I end up “cannibalizing” two or more packs to get the look I really want.

While this didn’t work out as a perfect plan for me in my scrapbooking, it did help me get groups of coordinating paper for a themed project all together in one place. That made the selection process much easier.

I haven’t given up. I plan to continue making use of the other paper packs that I have already put together. But for now, I am not building more packs just yet. I still like this idea as I do like sets of coordinating papers. I just think I may need to do this on a larger scale to give myself even more flexibility when it comes down to actually creating my pages.


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