Shaker Cards

Shaker cards are fun cards with movement.  Usually there is some sort of confetti sandwiched between a window of clear acetate and a base layer of card stock.  When you shake the card, the confetti moves.

In all three of these examples, and image was stamped on the base of the card stock.  A second piece of card stock was cut to create a frame and the acetate was fastened to the underside of the frame.  To create space for the confetti to move, foam tape was used to attach the frame to the base.  So that the confetti does not escape, the foam tape must be used completely around the frame.  And don’t forget to add the confetti before pressing the frame down on the base!

DSCF4676 by Marian

I usually just post photos of my creations, but this particular card was quite spectacular.  I had received it in a swap and the artist had actually found tiny candy pig sprinkles that she used as the confetti.  It was just perfect to go with the image and a great example of looking at ordinary things in different ways.  Until I received this, I would have never thought to look in amongst the cake decorating materials.


For this card, I found some tiny clear seed beads that reminded me of bubbles.  They coordinate quite nicely with the little gold fish.  Rather than just using a rectangular frame, I used my Nestibilities dies to create a round scalloped frame.


In this example, I used small beads for the confetti.  The possibilities are endless.  Sequinned confetti can be found in any number of stores with the party supplies, but don’t limit yourself to the traditional.  Be on the lookout for other tiny materials that will move freely inside the raised frames.  These really are fantastic cards that will bring a smile to anybody receiving one.


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