This  was a project from a number of years ago when I was a member of Ink or Dye.

The post for this technique can be found here.

The materials for this project included ordinary white ceramic tiles purchased from Lowes or Home Depot, alcohol inks, and applicator tools.

It was so much fun to create these beautiful tiles and the results were spectacular.











I had chosen not to stamp an image and unfortunately set my tiles aside in a safe place to finish later.  And then I forgot them!  I know it had been at least four years as that was when I left the Ink Or Dye group to become a Band Mom.  Now that my trombone playing son is headed off to college, I am rediscovering and revisiting a number of things in my craft room.

I found the tiles and my can of acrylic sealant and was quite proud of myself for actually finding closer to this project.

I learned quite quickly that if I sprayed too close to the tiles, the inks started to dissolve and I lost some of the definition in my creations.  I then backed off and things went much better.  I was careful not to touch the inked surfaces and allowed the sealant to dry completely before handling them.

Even dry, the surfaces seemed rather fragile so I decided not to move them but to carefully carry them from my back patio down to my craft room on the very same cardboard I had used when I sprayed them.  Corrugated isn’t always as strong as it looks.  Sadly I lost three of them to gravity.

Once the surviving tiles were safe on my work table in my craft room, I let them rest another few days.

I’d like to say there was a happy ending, but unfortunately there was not.  While the sealant may have done trick in preserving the ink patterns, it resulted in another issue.  It made the ink surface brittle and enabled the color to scrape off with very little effort at all.

I was very disappointed that there was no way for me to preserve my creations let along encorporate them into some other project.  But since I began blogging, I resolved that I would post my failures as well as my successes.

Initially I was frustrated that this did not appear to be a project with any lasting benefits.  Then, while preparing this article, I reread the original instructions.  What did I learn?

  • Acrylic sealant was NOT the way to go.
  • Don’t carry fragile items on a piece of cardboard.
  • If you’ve left a project, be sure to go back a reread the instructions BEFORE picking it up again.

Just when I was ready to pass my ceramic tiles on to another crafter, this information has me wanting to revisit this project and do it the right way.  There is hope!  I will be adding Diamond Glaze to my shopping list.  (I already have the tissue paper.)


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