Home Sweet Home


In March, my daughter moved to a new apartment. Her new place has a much better layout and as a result has a cozy small house feel to it. Her front door is recessed with a small alcove that protects it from the elements.  As cute as the red door was, it was just begging for a little something extra.


A wreath!  The traditional sign of welcome!  What could be more perfect for her new home?

She selected a grape vine wreath and then left the rest up to me.  Even though the wreath was somewhat protected by the alcove, it still would be exposed to the elements so to find materials I made my first stop Dollar Tree.  It was my lucky day.  I found grasses, pretty flowers, little birds, and a butterfly.

I had found a small birds nest that had fallen out of a tree outside my office a few weeks earlier.  It was just the right size for the little birds.  As a naturalist, my daughter adores birds and I knew she would be thrilled with them and the small nest.

Many years ago at church camp, she had been dubbed “The Highly Carbonated Butterfly”. Ever since, butterflies have been very special and symbolic to her.  Much like the little yellow birds, the bright yellow butterfly stood out.  Besides, I knew there was no way I could make her any arrangement without including a butterfly.

Once I had all the materials, it was just a matter of some scissors, wire cutters, and hot glue to put it all together.


She’s actually had her wreath since April. It has taken me a while to post this project as I neglected to take photos before I gave it to her.  I also kept forgetting to ask her to send me a photo.

It was just what her door needed and I was so pleased with how happy she was with it.


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