Grape Vine Decor


With Christmas over and the decorations packed away for another year, my attention turned toward creating a new wreath I could display year round on my door.

Last fall, I inherited some gorgeous artificial miniature grape clusters from a friend. She didn’t have plans to use them and graciously passed them on to me.  She also passed on some artificial grape leaf vines as well.


I originally had planned to use an actual grape vine wreath as my base, but when I ran across this wire frame at the dollar store, I decided to give it a try.  I wove the leafy vines around it attaching them here and there with wire.  Once I was satisfied with the fullness, then I added the tiny grape clusters.  The wire base made the wreath much lighter and it was not too thick to place between my front door and the storm door.



I had some vines and grapes still left so I wired them together to create some pretty swags to decorate the tops of my bookshelves.


There were still some sprigs left and I just couldn’t stop.   I wired on the grape clusters and poked them in between wine themed items on my display shelf.

The greenery adds such a nice warm touch to my living room.  Care to join me for a glass of wine?


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