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After all the jewelry I made earlier this year, I thought I had most all the colors covered. But then spring arrived and as I pulled out my warm weather clothing, I realized I still had more work to do. Jewelry to accessorize my pink and purple outfits was sorely lacking.

I made a trip to my local hobby store to scour the clearance aisle.  There are always some good finds there and bargain prices are always a bonus.


Hot pink is such a great summer color.  I even have shoes this color!


Purple has quickly become one of my go to colors.  I still need to find some purple shoes!


This set is my favorite of the three I put together during this crafting session.  I love the crystal beads.  The photo doesn’t do justice as to how sparkly they are.

Now that I’ve got these colors covered, guess what?  I think I need some red and navy!

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