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Paper Packs


This was an idea I saw on a Kiwi Lane video.

With my huge paper stash, I thought I would give it a try.

As advised, I sorted my papers into piles by colors. Then I started building my paper packs. I got quite a number of them put together. Some came together quite easily, other required more thought.

Because my immediate need was to scrapbook my son’s band photos, I concentrated on building packs in his school colors for marching band and more neutral colors for concert band.

This seemed like the perfect plan to have everything ready to go when I went to friends’ houses to scrapbook with them.

It sort of worked for me.

I’ve found that I didn’t always use all the papers in the packs. I’ve also discovered, sometimes my layouts require reworking the papers that were chosen in the packs so I end up “cannibalizing” two or more packs to get the look I really want.

While this didn’t work out as a perfect plan for me in my scrapbooking, it did help me get groups of coordinating paper for a themed project all together in one place. That made the selection process much easier.

I haven’t given up. I plan to continue making use of the other paper packs that I have already put together. But for now, I am not building more packs just yet. I still like this idea as I do like sets of coordinating papers. I just think I may need to do this on a larger scale to give myself even more flexibility when it comes down to actually creating my pages.

More Found Pages

Once again, I’ve run across photos of some of my scrapbooking pages and layouts that I never posted.



These two were from my very first scrapbook that I had been creating as a sample.  At the time I had no intentions of becoming a scrapbooker.  This album was a combination of my first two Savannah trips as well as a tribute to the book, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”.  My love of Savannah continues to this day.  The titles were printed from my computer and the small flowers were accented with tiny jewels in the center.


I found this fantastic scrapbooking paper at an outlet center in Georgia.  It was just the thing to coordinate with my daughter’s “Southern Belle” portraits.


Snickerdoodle, our Shih Tzu, is probably the most photographed dog on the planet.  He has so much personality and will actually pose for us.  The “Dog Days” title was a cut out from a magazine page and works so nicely in this layout of our expressive pooch.









These were a number of fun pages from when my son was little.  If he knew I was posting these, I would probably be in trouble.  It was always fun to create the colorful little boy pages.  Embellishments ranged from coordinating stamped images to artwork I found on the internet.  Song titles and lyrics made for great page titles.


This page was of a trip to the beach.  I typically avoid stickers, but these tropical letters were too hard to resist as were the seashells.


Embelishments for this layout came from the brochure from the Science Museum.





For me striped pages are always a challenge.  On the first two pages, so that I didn’t have to worry about perfect cuts and lining things up, I mounted the photos at angles.  In the second two, I used two coordinating papers and split the striped paper diagonally.



With these pages, I used stamped images to coordinate with the photos.


Once again, printed clip art was just the thing to embellish this page.


This crazy green paper was from that same scrapbooking outlet in Georgia.  It coordinated perfectly with my daughter’s bright green sweater.


This layout documents our shopping trip through Ikea when we redid my daughter’s room back in 2008.  Not my favorite layout, but she liked it and that was what was most important.


Baseball themed background paper was perfect for an outing to a baseball game.  My son actually got to throw out the first pitch!






Printer Tray Project


With my Great Wall of Ancestors completed, my attention turned to the space above my newly refinished desk.  A few weeks earlier, I had rediscovered my 7 Gypsies Printers Tray.


A Christmas gift from my husband a few years earlier, I had put it aside until I could decide exactly what I wanted to do with it.  Then it got buried in my craft room and I had completely forgotten about it.  Upon rediscovering it, I knew it would be perfect above my desk.

The next challenge was figuring out how to decorate it.  Selecting the photos was easy as I had some recent ones of our family in mind.  With Microsoft Photo Gallery, I changed the color photos to sepia tones.  In keeping with the family history theme of the room, I sorted through the various quotes I had collected and searched the internet for more.  I used Microsoft Photo Gallery again, to convert the graphics I had downloaded to either sepia or aqua tones to coordinate with the color scheme of the room.  The addition of a few vintage looking graphics finished off the twelve different images I needed.  I found some coordinating scrapbook papers and used mats and foam tape to create some dimension.  Once everything was in place, I sorted through all the mixed media items I had collected, arranging and rearranging the three dimensional pieces to accent my images.  A bit of hot glue, and my project was finished.


Here it is, at last hung in place.   I am so happy with how it turned out!

Found Pages

While sorting through photos I’d already posted on my blogs, I came upon photos of some scrapbook pages that I had not posted.  It was also a fun little trip down memory lane.





Yes, these are pages of photos of that same little boy that has been featured in all the band pages from his senior year in high school.

IMAG0750 - masked


The pretty little girl in the photos on these pages is now my almost 25 year old daughter.  How time flies!






These pages documented happenings of that same little girl’s life during her senior year in high school.  Fun photos and fun memories — this is why I scrapbook!








Another Installment

More band pages from senior year!



Last year I discovered Kiwi Lane.  I am working to encorporate some of their techniques in my layouts.


It always takes a little extra reserve for me to split a title or photos over two pages.  But I am always pleased with the results.  My musical note punch comes in quite handy to fill little spaces.



Trimmed out photos showcase my handsome musician on these pages.



A band album wouldn’t be complete without a page devoted to the people behind the photos.  And the musician’s biggest fans.



With these pages I attempted to move away from the traditional matting of all the photos.



Back to a Kiwi Lane technique, I love the effect the chevrons from cut musical note paper give these pages.

I’m getting closer and closer to completing this album.  Yes, there are still more photos to go!

More Band Pages

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, but in between all the end of year events and a 4 hour long senior awards ceremony, I’ve tried to take advantage of every spare minute.  Here are my latest finished pages.



The band season is just not complete without a record of the hard work and craziness that goes on at band camp.



In these two layouts, I experimented with cutting out the subjects of some of the photos in order to showcase them.  I really like this effect.


I was at practice one day with a new camera so of course I had to try it out.  I’m glad I did.  It’s hard to tell here, but I caught so many good expressions of my favorite trombone player hard at work and enjoying himself.


This one turned out to be my favorite of this bunch.  I love how the colors work and bling is always fun too.


I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone of always matting photos individually.


This was another fun page.  Each year in marching band, members receive washers painted in their school colors to commemorate each year they have been a marcher.  I recreated the washers for the letter O in the title.


Yet another day of fun with my new camera.  I was thrilled with how the enlarged photo came out show I showcased it with a gold glittery mat.  I also included a bass clef — something that is a point of contention for my low brass son.  He is always complaining about how everything is always treble clefs.



I tried to capture the fun of the marching band banquet with these crazy coordinating papers.  I also had a lot of photos to include so the planned two page layout quickly turned into four.


Oops!  There’s that pesky treble clef.  Given my son’s expression, I didn’t feel bad using it on this page.

Making Progress

As my son’s senior year began, the plan was to do my best to catch up on all his pages.  Then reality set in and I determined it best to concentrate on his high school years.  Then that got narrowed down to just band.  My original intent was to do a single album for all four years in band.

Then I started sifting through the band photos.

As the official band photographers, over the four years my husband and I took thousands of photos.  I am not exaggerating.  While it was easy to eliminate the photos he wasn’t in, I was still left with hundreds of photos of my favorite trombone player.

You would think that all band events pretty much look the same.  At least that is what I was thinking when I started on the process.  Not so.  After two rounds of eliminations, I still ended up printing over 300 photos.  For senior year alone.

I resigned myself to the fact that there mostly likely would be an album for each year.  Band was a huge part of his life, and of ours.  He wasn’t interested in school dances and social events like his sister was, so this was really his thing.  An album a year is quite all right.





I started with the easy stuff – the formal portraits.  I’d happened upon some fabulous red glittered card stock while garage saling last summer.  It was perfect for showcasing these photos.  The pictures really do not do these pages justice.  I was so pleased with how they turned out.





Next, I moved on to the band camp portraits featuring each year’s show theme.  Much of the coordinating embellishments were a result of Google searches for royalty free images.


Before putting my concentration on the senior year events, I had to be sure I completed the page of my son’s initial uniform fitting. As a freshman he was concerned about fitting in and not coming off as some little kid. He was embarrassed and annoyed with his Paparazzi Parents who dared to show up for this occasion and take pictures. It was still a great moment and you can tell by the expression on his face how pleased and proud he was of himself in his uniform.





On to the first football game of the 2015 season. Having been sensitive to my son’s embarrassment of having parents the previous three years, I felt it was way past time for me to sport a t-shirt with a sentiment I fell in love with early on. The “Shame” photo was staged by my husband and I love how my son is attempting to look disgusted yet is smirking the entire time. Senior year was finally when he began to publicly acknowledge us again and also cooperate in photos.

This layout was only supposed to be two pages, but I miscalculated with the number of photos. I wonder how many more I have done that with? There are so many good photos this year. It’s actually surprising that I ended up with only 300.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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